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How is VMA adding value for the Vinyl Fence and Railing market?

From the day that vinyl extrusion company leaders founded the VMA in 2004, VMA has worked to strengthen and improve the industry. VMA has done this by continuing to work on product acceptance through model codes. The VMA monitors building codes and offers modifications when needed. VMA also delivers quarterly webinars for code officials and architects/specifiers to promote acceptance and specification of vinyl products.

VMA is proud to announce that it has implemented and marketed a comprehensive certification program whose purpose is to provide verification to customers (specifiers, distributors, contractors, de officials and customers) that the products of the certified companies meet or exceed industry standards and are produced through quality process. The member companies have their plants and processes audited by approved third party testing labs. After the audit is passed, they receive a Certificate of Conformance. Afterwards the member company is authorized to use the VMA Certified Products seal on their packaging and in their advertising.

The final step, after the manufacturers’ processes are certified, is to market a program where the fabricators and contractors are licensed. Once licensed, these companies utilize the seal in their advertising which promotes their company over competing companies that cannot offer the added security that comes with certified products.

The Vinyl Manufacturers Association has completed the process to certify their members’ products to differentiate the quality of its members’ products in the marketplace. Being a part of the VMA adds value to the fabricators, distributors and contractors that become licensed to sell VMA members’ certified products.

Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc. manufactures the highest quality vinyl components for use in creating beautiful, long-lasting, low-maintenance outdoor products including fence, deck, railing and specialty structures.

Homeland’s network of dealers are known for their innovative use of our vast collection of different profiles to create a wide variety of beautiful and durable exterior finished products. These dealers have built their business on discerning
homeowners, builders and commercial property owners who want the very best in vinyl structures. They are also recognized for their commitment to Homeland’s demanding standards of quality, service and customer support.

Homeland Vinyl Products is a member of the Vinyl Manufacturers Association (VMA), which requires a rigorous quality control program with third-party auditing.

Best of all, Homeland’s vinyl profiles are backed with a limited lifetime warranty as well as our Homeland Security Alliance principles.

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